Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When mothers go to war

When mothers go to war
Raised voices, hyperventilating breath
Taint this morning aura
Invectives, shouted with hurt intended
Rend color to a wordy conflict

Before blows are struck and
The tongues speed is deemed not swift enough
Wrappers get better tightened or shed for
Sagged knickers of bulbous hue

When flurry hands react to quickness of tongue
Ill fastened wrappers go flying
Oops! Stretch marks bear witness to
A middle aged parody of

What should be youthful partaking
Laughter, wild and sarcastically humorous
Greets exposure of bare flesh
Shame flies in the face of points lost

Hands make for grabs again and
Exposed flesh bore more witness to
A mothers early morning frenzy
For today our mothers went to war

Monday, April 6, 2009

Today we start a new page

As it appears, this will be my first posting here. I don't know how I can ever hope to get people to read my stuff and I still don't know waht I want or don't want them to see/hear about my life. but, as it is, I will be posting any thing that I feel should be here.
It is my blog so I will be the judge of what comes up, from my end that is, or not.
I am first and formost a creative writer so my poem, short stories and other scriblings will take first place.
lets see where the morrow leads.