Friday, June 25, 2010

In Aba, Outdoors at night is synonymous with suicide

I have heard severally about the security situation in my home region, the South East, but have never really given it much thought until a friend visited over the weekend and received a call from her step-mother about a call her dad received earlier from perceived men of the underworld who were demanding he settles them or face the music.

When I laughed at the incredulity of the whole situation, my friend told me that its more heartbreaking than funny to her because its very serious.

Her dad, she said, was in very big trouble as the crooks are now targeting anybody that can pay even as little as a hundred thousand Naira and their calls and letters are not mere pranks to get people scared but real missives that carry their intent.

She went on to narrate how they have in the past sent letters to government officials, banks and even the police. In Abia state, she said. The crooks are kings as the government is also in hiding.

I don't know, but if what she said is true, (which I think, going by the President's interview yesterday, is.) then governance in Abia state is a mockery that shouldn't be allowed to continue beyond this dispensation - I am sure this should be an indictment on those who arranged for someone like the present governor to emerge in the first place.

I hear too that refuse has taken over environment and the whole city smells like a dump site.

The question is, how long shall the people of Abia state continue to endure the rotten fruits of bad governance while neighbours like Enugu and Imo progress by the day?


At the moment my friend's family is running around to raise the demanded sum before the deadline the criminals gave. All thought of contacting the police is out of it because they are said to also exist in a state of fear in Abia state, out-manned and out-gunned by the crooks. Pathetic this naija?

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